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AXDC is a boutique web design studio that cares about you and your business. We create unique, original websites that helps you stand out from the crowd.

But we don’t just design websites ‒ we also take the next step ‒ helping you get the most out your website. We give you the skills to make changes to your website so you can get optimal results as your company and the market changes.

Meet the team

Clint Ward

Creative graphic designer

Being an old-school type of bloke, Clint enjoys sitting down with people and chatting to them one-on-one. This helps him get an idea of what it is you want for yourself and your business.

An ideas person, he likes to think outside the square to come up with truly innovative solutions that get your business noticed.

Clint has many years’ experience working in large ad agencies, where he learned a lot about how ‒ and how not to ‒ approach creative design. That personal touch was missing from the picture, he thought.

He started envisioning a boutique website design company with a focus on truly helping customers and their businesses succeed.

In his spare time, he enjoys giving back to the community by running a local business networking group and playing rugby for the Rolleston Rebels.

Jon Holtslag

Website developer

Jon’s mission is to get you on the web, in a way that works for your company.

While fluent in geek speak, Jon only speaks plain English when describing the form and function of your website. This gives you as much understanding of your website as you’d like. If you’re not interested in any of that, that’s cool too.

After getting a diploma in software development at university, Jon decided he would rather put his software and people skills to work, working for himself than for someone else.

A keen amateur cook and unabashed fan of cute cats, Jon’s wide range of interests helps him relate to his customers, something he is passionate about.

Jon approached Clint to work together and they immediately bonded over their shared desire to help people solve their web design and development problems.

Work with the nice guys

Both often described as ‘Mr Nice Guy’, Jon and Clint both enjoy sitting down with people to find out how they can find the best solution for that particular person or brand.

When building AXDC, they immediately knew what they didn’t want: An agency style that’s all about having a flash image and making money.

Instead, they wanted to do it the pay forward/give back way: connecting with people and helping them solve their web design and development problems that benefit the client.

Together, Jon and Clint are the perfect web design and development team: Clint brings his wealth of experience and design while Jon brings his fresh approach to web development and knowledge of the modern market.

We always ask: “what if?”

We love brainstorming “what ifs” with our clients. Those things that you wouldn’t have thought of; random ideas that work or creative concepts that have never been done before. Ideas that are a bit different and make your brand stand out.

Clint Ward

Creative Graphic design at AXDC

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