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Get the expert website SEO specialists to extract the most out of your website

Now that you have a great website, what’s next? We’re glad you asked that question. Our customers often do.

Having a website is about a lot more than eye-catching design and images with impact. To really reach and convert your customers, you’ve got to have a solid foundation of SEO and expert website marketing online.

That’s why we’re here to help to promote your website and make it:

  • Faster
  • Easy to change at your end
  • Easy for customers to find on search engines
  • Increase your Google ranking
  • Maintain your good ranking position.
  • Turn your browsers into buyers!

Let the experienced SEO specialists help you compete more effectively online

How do I get my website to rank highly on Google and other search engines? That’s the biggest question our customers often ask.

Having a great-looking website is one thing, but it’s not very useful if your customers can’t find you. Your website ranking on Google and other search engines really does matter.

The effect of top rankings in Google

Here are the stats…

  • The first three positions on page one get 61.5% of all searches between them.
  • 91.7% of all Google searches are completed on page one. In other words unless your product page reaches page one in Google, you’ll be getting practically no search traffic at all.

At AXDC, we’re experienced search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists. Unlike other companies who just do a build and forget about you, we implement good, solid basic SEO to every website we build. That means we use the right technical know-how to ensure your website:

  • Ranks highly on Google and other search engines
  • Has a competitive edge in the highly-competitive online world
  • Makes it easy for search engines to send customers your way
  • Builds trust for your brand with Google and other search engines
  • Has content written in a language search engines prefer

Interested in Advanced SEO?

This is really how to get the fastest return on investment from your new website. That’s what you’ll get with our Advanced SEO Package, which helps you get top ranking on Google search pages, as well as the maximum number of sites visits, giving you a headstart on your competition now and in the future.

Find out if you qualify for an up to 50% subsidy.

Want to easily edit and update your website without the additional fees?

We like to think of your website as a living thing. As your industry and the online market changes over time, so should your website – Google likes that too!

You’re the best judge of your market. That’s why we give you the skills to easily make edits and changes to your very own website over time.

There’s no need to pay additional come-back fees or wait for an upgrade offer to come by.

You’ll have the power to easily make changes to your website as they arise, keeping your competitive edge in the online marketplace.

If there is something more advanced, an upgrade, an integration or an enhancement, we are here to help.

Ready to control your very own website? Let’s get started.

Want to rank higher on Google and get more business with better SEO?